Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wishing Everyone Around The World A Very Happy New Year 2015

We hope that the year 2015 will bring a lots of peace and serenity all around the world. Blessings to everyone from our side.

The only way to live this life happily and peacefully is by being grateful for everything you have. and if you wish to fly, then work hard, love your family, stay honest, work in a loyal way, be good to people around you as well as to yourself. Serve people in need of primary things such as food, clothing and shelter, and within a year or two you will see results. You will see yourself flying in peace, happiness and success.

And at last remember that to be successful you have to do what you love and love what you do. Do not listen to others, people will die. So listen to your heart and do what you love.

We at Surendra Wedding Video and Photography from all our heart wish the people of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India a very happy and prosperous new year. Enjoy!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Now Reach a Wedding Photographer in Ahmedabad Easily

We, at Surendra Video & Photography, keep increasing our social base so as to make it easy for people to reach us.We want people to search for a wedding photographer at their hands using cellphones and social media tools.

Now, the next time you are in search of a wedding photographer or photography service provider at Ahmedabad, Gujarat or anywhere in India, you just need to go social and you will find us at every social media platform easily as well as swiftly. Further, we cater people in need of photographer or visual recording service provider for various functions like engagement, birthday party, farewell party, corporate functions and many more.

We intend to make it easy for people to find things instead of promoting stuffs. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

What’s So Special about Wedding Photos and Videos?

And this is the question asked by many of when it comes to setting a photo shoot for wedding. Wedding Photos serve as a memory, a memory that lasts long. Often after marriage we feel ours elf lonely and alone missing our before marriage days.

How we used to roam freely here and there without any restrictions. How we used spend time with family and friend. Hours and hours passed like minutes, days passed like hours, weeks went away like Sunday and what we miss the most after marriage is the eternal love of parents, unconditional love of father and priceless love offered by mother. The fight we used to have with our sibling, the cry we had during fights with our closed ones.

These memories can not be retained nor can be created again. And to fulfill the gap of lonely feelings you can use long forgotten photos, albums, videos, stuffs and more after your marriage. If you have some photos and stuffs in your cell phone gallery, convert them into album of let them roam in the cloud. On your request even your marriage photographer can help you make an album out of your cell phone pics and video, ask him.

Ask him to capture each and every person, each and every moment of your whole wedding ceremony and occasions, for these photos will serve as a tonic to relive you from the pain of lonely feelings and before marriage memories. Go ahead and ask for those photos and keep them clean as gold with you till the end.

If an idea stuck your mind to hire a wedding photographer & videographer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat or anywhere in India, you can contact us here!