Saturday, 22 November 2014

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Wedding Photographer?

When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, not twisting the tales and stating assertively, it costs around 25000-30000 rupees to hire a good wedding photographer, along with other services such as videography.

Since every situation has an assumption and exception, hiring a photographer has its pros and cons too. An apple is available in the market for Rs 20 and you find the same apple being sold in another market for Rs 10. How’s this possible?

Let us answer. The apple you found in the first market was a genuine and standard one. Eating that apple will certainly benefit you sooner or later. While the apple you found in the second market was of a bit poor quality and possibly was a copy of the first one, so as to make it look good. 

Similarly, when you hire a wedding photographer or videographer, the cost depends upon the quality of their service. One may provide you with an estimate lesser than others but he may be the second kind of apple, possibly. On the contrary, one who provides a bigger estimate may be the first apple type i.e. good and standard quality.

So when you are out in the market in search of wedding photographer, do remember these points and hire a person who could provide you with quality photos, albums, and videos within your budget. And if you need a wedding photographer now in Ahmedbad or anywhere around Gujarat, you can ask for an estimate from us now! By simply filling the requirement form below.

                           We Wish You A Successful Married Life Ahead! 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Importance of Wedding Photographs and Videos in a Person’s Life

We often tend to spend less on wedding photography services because we think there is no need of such photos and videos and are mere waste of money.

Wait a second let us explain you how these mere photographs are of great importance:

  • ·        After 10 years from your marriage day, you will be watching these photographs and videos with your children. These moments you spend together with your wife/husband and children watching funny, nostalgic, and amusing pics of your wedding will create a positive relationship full of bonds and happiness amongst all of you.

  •        Do not settle for low quality with low cost. Instead ask for high resolution dvd's and photos with a bit extra cost. These high resolution videos will be with you till the end, for their quality is superior and thus you will be able to watch these videos and pictures anytime any day in your life.

We will let you connect with us for further more importance of wedding photography and videos. Till then if you are satisfied with our explanations, you can meet us for any work related to wedding photography or event photography and more via a simple step of filling the FORM below. 

Or you can contact us directly via whats app for wedding and event photography and video in Ahmedabad, or anywhere in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Keep visiting us!

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Shubh Wedding Season November & December

We wait almost a lifetime to get a partner of our choice who could bring back us the joy of life. A partner who could fill all the broken gaps of our life.

A partner we wish to be with since we were young. With whom we can roam around the roads at night holding hands. Grabbing each others eyes and attention. 

This wedding season 2014 we will help you convert your dream day i.e. your wedding into a memorable one via our photography and your smile. Get a wedding photographer this season in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, or India at Surendra Video and Photography. Just give a call on-9998131389 or Whats App us on- 9662417897